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If you want to reach out to our growing list of readers, there are few sponsorship options below.

Sponsorship / Advertising Options

Sponsorship Options

Exclusive Site Sponsor                                                

Per Annum – Not Available

CA $200 Per Week + Taxes

CA $500 Per Month + Taxes

What you get:

·       Highlight on Main Page: Exclusive sponsorship of the entire site. The sponsorship promotion is displayed as a text-based link on every single page of the website, including the main page, for the entire week/month – linking to the sponsor’s website or specific promotion

·       Your Article: An opportunity to write an article promoting your product/service once per week for one month (1 only for weekly sponsor)

a.       The article will be published on VMO site at the beginning of each week and will remain there for 2 years.

b.       The article will be featured on the monthly newsletter

c.        "Thanks" on VMO LinkedIn page, pointing to your service/product/article