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If you want to reach out to our growing list of readers, there are few sponsorship options below.

Sponsorship / Advertising Options

Sponsorship Options

Exclusive Site Sponsor                                                

Per Annum – Not Available

CA $200 Per Week + Taxes

CA $500 Per Month + Taxes

What you get:

·       Highlight on Main Page: Exclusive sponsorship of the entire site. The sponsorship promotion is displayed as a text-based link on every single page of the website, including the main page, for the entire week/month – linking to the sponsor’s website or specific promotion

·       Your Article: An opportunity to write an article promoting your product/service once per week for one month (1 only for weekly sponsor)

a.       The article will be published on VMO site at the end of each week and will remain there for 2 years.

b.       The article will be on top of the weekly newsletter

c.        "Thanks" on VMO LinkedIn page, pointing to your service/product


Directory Listing

Dedicated Manufacturer's Page                                   CA $1,000 Per Annum + Taxes

·       Directory Listing - Bold

a.       Directory Listing in Bold

b.       Link from Directory to Dedicated Advertiser Page

·       Dedicated Advertiser Page

a.       Featured Logo, Manufacturer's name, contact details on Dedicate page

b.       Option to include Awards, Gartner Magic Quadrant etc.

c.        List of products, solution details, white papers

d.       Back links to website, product pages, whitepaper

e.       Option to include Special Offer via VMO


Directory Listing - Bold                                               CA $800 Per Annum + Taxes

·       Directory Listing in Bold, without links


Directory Listing - Free                                               CA $0 + Taxes

·       The listing will appear as a normal listing without links or bold letters

·       VMO will reserve the right to remove the listing if required



-- Draft Dedicated Manufacturer's Page --


Manufacturer's Name | Sales Contact: xxx xxxx xxxx | Support Contact xxx xxxx xxxx

Awards, Special Feature <Gartner Magic Quadrant etc.>:


Name of Product (Max 10)

Solution Details (<50 words)

White Paper / Link











Special Offer (if any): <Limited time / Any time Offer>

E.g. Preapproved rates, % off, Free Training, Free Certification, Free Courses, Free Professional Services /Consulting Hours, Free TAMs, Free Demo,