Supplier News

Are you looking for a solution to track your supplier news?

We are building a solution to track news and events about your suppliers that could significantly affect your business. The alerts will be segregated based on their risk to your business and delivered to you based on a pre-decided frequency so that you can take corrective actions. You may want to stay up to date on the following news about your suppliers:

1. Cyber Breach
2. Privacy Concerns
3. Money Laundering
4. Bribery Allegations
5. Financial Results and Ratings
6. Bankruptcy
7. M&A, Collaborations
8. Significant Layoffs
9. Lawsuits
10. Customer Loss
11. Fraudulent Event
12. Criminal Activity
13. Industry News and Trends

There will be early bird benefits if you subscribe to the service now v/s when it is launched. Please contact us to know more.