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About Us

About Vendor Management Office

We love our Vendor Management work and get up everyday ready for a new day that's full of exciting things including new things that we learn. People might assume that Vendor Management roles only requires negotiation skills with the vendors, but it is such a wide field that requires a specialized knowledge and skill that is in great demand but not in great supply. 

We couldn't find meaningful blogs on the web that replicate or enhance what we already know. the LinkedIn Vendor Management groups also did not have any content at all. Other websites also covered the Vendor Management aspect in bits and pieces. To plug this information gap, we decided to take things on our own hands to spread the knowledge to others who are interested in this profession, learn from others and improve the entire VM community as a whole hoping one day this will become a global standard. wait ! what? Global Standard? C'mon it's impossible to create a Global Standard for something like Vendor Management. Did you forget? Vendor Managers do everything, uh! well literally not everything. We don't clean the toilets, but we can find an AI & Robotics company that uses robots to clean the toilets. Haha.
After years of working in a highly regulated environment in a Bank located in Toronto, Canada, we have gained deep knowledge about Vendor Management processes that we want to share with anyone who is interested in learning about this fantastic profession or wants to build a career.  Isn't it vendorful?

If you want to contact us, please send an email to:

VMO Team