VMO Resources

If you manage third party relationships for your organization, Vendor Management Templates can help you stay organized and on top on your game.

Note: Clicking on Download link will take you to a third party website (Gumroad) 

Renewal Cost Analyzer

Technology Contracts and commercials are not easy to understand and decifer. What seems like a good deal sometimes has hidden price increases. Whether you are a math wizard or are scared of number crunching, the Renewal Cost analyzer will save you time, effort and most importantly MONEY!! Spend your time, where it matters the most.

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Know Your Contract Template

Contracts are complicated documents with a ton of information that you do not need to use in your day to day operations. The KYC template will keep the most important information in one place for easy reference every time you need it. 

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Monthly Governance Template

Whether you meet your Vendor on a Monthly or Quarterly basis, it is important to capture the performance, SLAs, project updates, issues regularly. Governance Template provides the format to capture meeting minutes and be audit ready. 

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Issue Management Template

Road to efficiently manage third party risks is bumpy. Issues, small or big, low risk or high risk, can quickly become a significant concern and impact business operations. Issue Management Template will consolidate and track all your issues at one place, so that you can discuss with your vendor.

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