Free - Renewal Cost Calculator

Use our free cost calculator to find out if your contract renewal has a hidden price increase.

Please note: We do not store any data that is inserted here. The tool was built in Microsoft Excel and uploaded for free use by using excel online embedding feature. Once the page is refreshed, the data will be erased and restored to default values. Please copy your results before you close/refresh the browser.

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Historical Forex Rates


  1. Go to
  2. Select Currency - this will be the currency of your quote/invoice. We'll assume USD for explaining.
  3. Select Date - this will be the date when the last renewal invoice was paid. Usually, FX rates don't vary much between days, you should be largely fine using any date from that month.
  4. Click confirm. It will take you to the next page (see below)

      5. Check your home currency and use UNITS PER USD rate for your Historical FX. E.g. If your home currency is CAD, then your historical FX is $1.27

Current Forex

Check the Current FX rates below. These rates are updated automatically using APIs with a Forex Website  


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