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CISA issues Top 2 Cyber Security Bad Practices

  HAPPY CANADA DAY to our Canadian Readers !!   In an effort to alleviate the cyber defense of the Country and the Private Sector, CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) is creating a " Catalog of Bad Practices that are exceptionally risky ". This will be an ever evolving list where items will be constantly added.  CISA suggests that all organizations must have an effective Cyber Security Program that avoids or mitigates these bad practices and protects their assets in line with the criticality of risk. The list suggests two Bad Practices that must be avoided or mitigated. 1. Use of unsupported (or end-of-life) software in service of Critical Infrastructure and National Critical Functions is dangerous and significantly elevates risk to national security, national economic security, and national public health and safety. This dangerous practice is especially egregious in internet-accessible technologies. 2. Use of known/fixed/default passwords and credentia

Would The Risky Government In Israel Affect My Business Operation?

  Israel has got a new coalition government led by Naftali Bennett after Benjamin Netanyahu was unseated after 12 years of reign. Israel has seen 4 elections in merely 2 years, but the opposition was united to oust Netanyahu after allegations of Bribery, Fraud and Breach of Trust .  The new government narrowly won the elections with razor thin majority of 60-59. Polls suggest that 43% Israelis expect the Government to dissolve quickly and only 11% expect it to survive the full term. If the Government fails to survive, would it impact you as a Technology Asset Owner or a Vendor Manager?  It might seem like connecting two disparate topics, but you will be able to connect the dots when I say Israel is a cyber security powerhouse  and has some top tech companies that you might be using today such as CyberArk, Guardicore, NICE, Check Point, Cloudify, Monday, Radware, Wix and Varonis to name a few. I do not know whether the government would fail or not as I am not an expert at International

News This Week: Jun 25

VMO collects the best news related to Vendors, Technology, Government Policy, etc. on web every week for you. Red Hat/CentOS and Debian Linux distributions get hit by DarkRadiation Ransomware White House is working on a strategy to enhance Organizations' Security systems and perimeter security SonicWall Left a VPN Flaw Partially Unpatched Amidst 0-Day Attacks LineStar Integrity Services, a Houston-based company that sells auditing, compliance, maintenance, and technology services to pipeline customer, gets it's data leaked Splunk Announces $1 Billion Investment from Silver Lake Biden's Cyber Executive Order to include “software bill of materials” (SBOM) that vendors would be required to provide EU to launch rapid response cybersecurity team Microsoft Patches Six Zero-Day Security Holes ---------------------------------------------------------