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Due Date Tracker and Reminder

Managing each supplier requires tracking of due dates for artifacts such as Insurance Certificates, SOC 2 Reports, ISO certificates, Disaster Recovery Reports or scheduling monthly, quarterly or annual supplier review meetings or tracking issue resolution dates. It can become daunting when you have multiple suppliers and no good way of not missing the dates.

Missing the dates could lead to some other significant issues. It can be completely avoided with the Due Date Tracker Service. You let us know what you want to track, and we will do it for you and remind you in advance. Simple!!


Software Entitlement Analysis

Working on a large deal with complex licensing terms can be nerve wracking. Some software companies have very complicated licensing models and it gets even more complicated with SaaS and public cloud models when virtual instances are spun up and spun down on hourly basis. Whether you are buying new licenses or renewing existing contract, Suppliers take licensing compliance very seriously. If you are found offside, it could lead to audits and heavy penalties. It also causes significant reputational damage.

We have tons of experience working with many software licensing vendors and crunching numbers from large data sets in the dump to come up with the accurate software entitlement information. This information is very useful in right sizing your requirements or in a decision to sign an unlimited licensing model and can unlock huge savings potential. Reach out to us today to get started.


Cost Calculator

This service has the power to uncover hidden cost increases. When you are renewing a supplier contract, sometimes the price increases remain hidden with all the other changes in Term, Quantities, Foreign Exchange, bundled deals. Without a check in place, clients keep paying higher costs year after year that hurts their bottom line. It can take days and sometimes weeks to understand the moving parts and yet it’s hard to identify the cost increase.

We have saved multi-million dollars by pointing out the hidden price increase to suppliers and their contractual obligations. Contact us and start saving now.


Vendor News

Get up-to-date with the latest developments and news articles on your critical suppliers.  Whether it's a merger/acquisition news, a cyber security event, a privacy breach, or corruption charges, if it is on news, we got it covered for you. Be it Microsoft being accused of Bribery or VMware getting acquired by CA, get no nonsense, curated news for events that affect your business, in your inbox.


Your business needs to know significant events with your suppliers when they happen. Subscribe to the service for your select suppliers now.


Get all of these service for a fixed monthly fee.


One Time Setup Fee


Up to 10 Supplier Contracts

CAD $10,000 

CAD $5,000 

50% off

CAD $15,000 

CAD $2,500

83% off

11 – 50 Supplier Contracts

CAD $20,000 

CAD $10,000

50% off

CAD $70,000 

CAD $10,000

86% off

51 – 100 Supplier Contracts

CAD $30,000 

CAD $15,000

50% off

CAD $150,000 

CAD $20,000

87% off

Enterprise Requirements

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Please Contact us for pricing

Ad Hoc Request

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Please Contact us for pricing

This is going to be the best investment that you would ever make in your supplier relationship management. You'd

  • Make sure your supplier is compliant with your contract
  • Always schedule your Governance meetings in time
  • Follow up on pending issues.
  • Get latest news for your select critical vendors